About Us

Sustainable Systems was founded in 2014 by the specialists who had been specializing in IT development on the German market for a long time. Our company specializes mainly in the development of a customized software.

At the same time, we develop several products of our own for electronic commerce and medicine.

Building on our long-term experience of solving business practical tasks, we have built our concept of “sustainable development” based on the best agile software development methodology.

This concept helps us to deliver results within the shortest possible period of time.

Our primary goal is a further improvement of the used software development methodologies
and their practical use in the projects of our customers.

The main IT expertise areas offered by our company are as follows:

• Development of e-commerce solutions
• Software development for medical purposes
• Customer relationship management systems
and enterprise management systems
• Document and workflow systems

Development of several software systems designed for data exchange with multiple selling platforms has made us reflect about creating our own product Optiprice®, a cross-selling system based on Orchard CMS.

Now we are developing a separate version based on Optiprice® to manage sales with PayPal payment on Amazon and Ebay.

The system Optiprice® Sync Master does not require any desktop application. Synchronization and management are provided by means of files and lists kept in the Microsoft SharePoint cloud-based version.

Due to the fact that most technologies used are based on Microsoft platform, we consider our expertise and skills in nearly all types of technologies to be our significant advantage over our competitors who have a narrower specialization.

Our specialists as well as external developers who we cooperate with have been repeatedly certified in .Net and Dynamics CRM.

Moreover, our company offers implementation and management services of Java and PNP offshore projects in Russia. Here we collaborate closely with Sura Systems GmbH.

During the last 10 years, we have developed several substantial projects which required expertise in nearly all Microsoft .Net development technologies. At the same time, we have acquired unique knowledge in several business subject areas that we are continuously deepening.